As the sun rose above the Palouse hills, National Geographic Sea Bird sat along the edge of the Columbia River, a mile below the Dalles Dam. After breakfast, guests departed for the shore on Zodiacs before boarding a bus for a scenic overlook and highway created by Sam Lancaster. Inspired by scenic roads like the Swiss Axenstrasse, Lancaster’s love of roads is shown through his merging of art and science. After viewing the Historic Columbia River Highway, guests departed on a five-mile trek along this scenic route from The Dalles to Hood River. After the hike, guests were bussed to Crag Rat Hut, America’s oldest mountain search and rescue organization. We enjoyed our meal while looking out across the orchards at the base of Mt. Hood.

Later, guests departed for their final destination at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum. We enjoyed a raptor presentation with a live red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) before touring the museum and interpretive center. After arriving back to the ship, guests finished the evening with cocktails and presentations by the naturalists. As the stars came out, National Geographic Sea Bird continued its journey to the coast while following the historical journey of Lewis and Clark.

Photographers: Aaron Raymond, CPI, and Patrick MacQuarrie, River Historian & Naturalist