National Geographic Resolution had calm waters and wind coming from the stern as we crossed the Drake Passage today. We enjoyed a full day of informative presentations and events.

We started the day with one of our naturalists, Sue Forbes, presenting on the seabirds of the Southern Ocean. She entitled her presentation, “Wingspans, Courtship and Stomach Oils!” Sue showed a fun video of an albatross flipping over while trying to land in front of its chick…embarrassing! Even with the calm seas, we spotted quite a few seabirds flying around the ship, including the majestic southern royal albatross. We have been so busy with fun landings, and today we finally had time for Jackie Windh’s excellent presentation on, “Natives of Patagonia.”

One of the important things about going to the Antarctic is learning all about how we can protect this pristine place. We watched a few videos on rules for approaching wildlife and regulations for keeping our gear clean. We had a vacuuming party down in base camp, and we got all our outer clothing inspected and cleaned as necessary.

Everyone has settled into life on board, so it was time for Captain Martin Graser to educate us about the build of National Geographic Resolution and all the features and capabilities of this amazing ship. The day wasn’t over yet. After dinner, the photo team, led by Jeff Litton, did a photo critique of images that guests submitted. We had some fun getting feedback on a variety of styles and images.

The longest day on the solstice was certainly packed, but we are heading south and will encounter even longer days ahead.