Today at 5:42 we witnessed yet another amazing Antarctic sunrise.  We spent the night in the south end of the Antarctic Sound around Erebus and Terror Gulf. These areas where named after the ships used by Otto Nordenskjöld in the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-1904) and by James Clark Ross in the Ross Expedition (1839-1843) respectively.  After breakfast we used the Zodiacs to explore nearby Egg, Tail, and Eagle Island and we were able to make a continental landing on the rarely visited side of the Trinity Peninsula, the northern most part of the Antarctic Peninsula.  A spectacular morning and a suiting finish to our visit to Antarctica as it was time to head north to South Georgia.  And as usual the crew of the National Geographic Orion did so in the most interesting way by taking us though the scenic and ice clogged waters of Fridtjof Sound.  A fitting close to this chapter of our voyage.