We had quite the expedition today! Our morning began with small swells and medium winds as our guests braved the conditions on a short ride to shore on Zodiacs. Our destination was Twillingate, a small island located on the north side of The Rock, a term used liberally by the locals in Newfoundland to identify their beloved home. This town/island is a small community that thrives when tourism is heavy. Today, however, we had the place to ourselves.

Spiller’s Cove Trail got our blood pumping as we made our way through the many headlands that Twillingate had to offer. Grant, our local contact, told us about this amazing trail the week before and it certainly did not disappoint. Each hill we climbed led to a wonderful lookout at the rugged coastline. This trail system was built by Grant himself and was incredibly well maintained. It followed along the coast and gave us unbelievable remarkable sights. We each had much to thank Grant for today.