After a stretch of incredibly good weather, we woke this morning to typical Southeast Alaska weather with overcast skies and cool temperatures. This is what makes this place so special and allows the conditions of these spectacular temperate rainforests. Today’s destination was Thomas Bay on the mainland but not before transiting the Wrangell Narrows between Kupreanof and Mitkof Islands. This shallow, winding waterway has about 60 lights and marker poles used by ships to safely navigate the strong currents that often run in both directions each day. Today’s passage was very scenic with lots of bald eagles and glassy waters. In Thomas Bay, we disembarked to enjoy a variety of hikes, including a long aerobic hike and photo and nature walks. Once back on the ship, we sailed to the back of Thomas Bay and were treated to drinks on the bow by our hotel team as we entered Scenic Cove. It was another wonderful day in Southeast Alaska.