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Our fleet navigates the world in search of adventure. These are the stories they bring back…

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My Wild Polynesia: Exploring Remote & Storied Islands

I was lucky to meet Lars-Eric Lindblad back in 1977; he immediately hired me to be a naturalist, lecturer, boat handler, and guide aboard his famous ship Lindblad Explorer, otherwise known as the “Little Red Ship.” This was the original Expedition Passenger Vessel, a designation made up by the U. S. Coast Guard by necessity in order to categorize this exceptional ship. Lindblad has been in the business of conducting expeditions, ever since. And now, under Sven Lindblad’s guidance, a fleet of 13 ships has replaced the original "Little Red Ship".

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The Indelible Mark of the Marquesas Islands

Tattoos are so ubiquitous around the world these days, it’s easy to barely even notice them at all. But there’s one place where the tattoos are so distinctive and artful they stand out from the inking seen anywhere else. That place is the remote and rugged Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

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Spotting Manta Rays

The Marquesas Islands are one of the few places where divers and snorkelers can see both the oceanic and reef species of manta rays. Their unique spot patterns can serve as data points to track the manta ray populations in this region.

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