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  • 30 Dec 2021

Our Favorite Penguin Photos of 2021

Penguins are a fan favorite for Lindblad Expeditions’ guests and staff alike. From massive king penguin colonies in South Georgia to the smaller Galápagos penguin duos, witnessing penguins in their natural habitat is a special experience. Below is a roundup of our favorite penguin photos since getting back to travel in 2021. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

penguins and ship

Adélie penguins scurry across the fast ice in Antarctica in front of the National Geographic Explorer
Photo by: Michael S. Nolan 


penguins greeting arriving humans

King penguins line the beach as a Zodiac pulls up for a wet landing at St. Andrew's Bay, South Georgia Island. 

Photo by: Ralph Lee Hopkins 


thousands of penguins

A never-ending sea of king penguins in South Georgia.  

Photo by: Andrew Studer 


penguin chick

A gentoo penguin spotted with a newly hatched chick at Brown Bluff, Antarctica. 

Photo by: Jared Funderburk 


penguin yelling

A Galápagos penguin, calling from the shore of the rocky bay. 

Photo by: Ramiro Adrian 


two penguins

South of Snow Hill Island, emperor penguins from the only colony known in this section of Antarctica.  

Photo By: Santiago Imberti 


penguins on rock with waves

Antarctica's Barrientos Island with colonies of chinstrap and gentoo penguins uphill. 

Photo by: Carl Erik Kilander 


closeup of macaroni penguin

A macaroni penguin shows off its colors in Cooper Bay, South Georgia Island. 

Photo by: Steve Morello  


penguins and sea lions

A Galápagos penguin—one of the world's smallest penguins—sunbathes with sea lions on lava rocks along the shore. 

Photo by: Javier Cando 


penguins and seaweed

King penguins along the shoreline of St. Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia’s largest colony.  

Photo by: Eric Guth 


closeup of galapagos penguin

A Galápagos penguin striking a pose in Tagus Cove, Isabela Island. 

Photo by: Christian Saa 


penguin on beach

King penguins resting in the morning sun. 

Photo by: Jessica Farrer 


penguin with grass

Macaroni penguin in Fortuna Bay, South Georgia 

Photo by: Carl Erik Kilander 


penguin in front of mountain

A king penguin stands on a bluff below the dramatic peaks of St. Andrews Bay on South Georgia. 

Photo by: David Cothran 


two penguins touching beaks

Two gentoo penguins touching beaks in a snowstorm on Cuverville Island, Antarctica. 

Photo by: Steve Morello 


penguin hiding in snow

A gentoo penguin incubating eggs buried under the snow at Jougla Point, Antarctica. 

Photo by: Jessica Farrer 


penguin and snorkeler

An encounter with a curious Galápagos penguin during our snorkel at Sombrero Chino. 

Photo by: Gianna Haro 


penguin amid pebbles

A gentoo penguin and its young at Brown Bluff, Antarctica. 

Photo by: Karen Velas 


penguin in profile

Galápagos penguin spotted just few feet away from a Zodiac. 

Photo by: Carlos Romero 



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