Explore at the Edge of the World in 2020

Our three incredible itineraries blaze an adventurous trail across the Bering Sea—a place of legend and life, story and song, wildlife and wildness. Like the explorers that came before, we go in search of exhilarating discoveries, changing course to follow the opportunities which nature presents. Spot an abundance of bird and marine life, plus coastal brown bears, arctic fox, and muskoxen. Take in spectacularly scenic landscapes and skirt remote, rugged coastlines. Encounter fascinating human history, and venture between two worlds on both sides of these fabled waters. See what’s possible—here are just a few moments from last season.


Exploring Russia's Far East & Wrangel Island

A fascinating exploration of the remote Siberian coastline, this thrilling 13-day voyage also calls on Wrangel Island, home to the highest density of ancestral polar bear dens. On this unforgettable Zodiac ride, guests got incredible views of polar bears congregating at the island’s edge to feast and fight over a walrus.

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Across the Bering Sea: from Katmai to Kamchatka

This sweeping 22-day voyage nearly circumnavigates the Bering Sea in search of thrilling wildlife and fascinating human history. In remote Provideniya, known as “the Gateway to the Arctic,” guests connected with the welcoming people and encountered the unique traditions and culture that permeate their daily lives.

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Bering Sea Wilderness: Pribilofs, Katmai & Kodiak

On this 13-day voyage, encounter a panoply of incredible wildlife—from the largest breeding colony of fur seals in the Pribilofs to the legendary coastal brown bears of Katmai National Park where our guests came upon quite a show. Two playful brown bears savored the messy remains of a whale, slipping, sliding, and painting themselves in the white fat.   

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SLIDESHOW | Wild Beauty in the Bering Sea


The islands and coasts that ring the Bering Sea on both the Russian and Alaska side are teeming with birdlife and fascinating land mammals; while the surrounding waters churn with whales, seals, otters, and more. This past season we had some incredible encounters in this natural wonderland, all caught on camera. Browse our slideshow to discover the spectacular images.


Or read even more about this rich region—and the reasons it’s a must-see—from our director of expedition development Jen Martin.


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