Cultural Specialists

Provide an insider’s perspective on the cultures we explore

On select voyages, cultural specialists are added to an already impressive lineup of naturalists, historians, and guest speakers to further illuminate local life.

These cultural commentators are leaders in their fields, some still engaged in conducting research, who know the region intimately. You’ll have ample opportunity to learn from them in onboard lectures, and engage with them on a one-to-one basis to learn more about their topic or backgrounds.

When in South America, a wine expert may talk about the local vineyards and their effect on the national economies. In West Africa, you’ll learn about the vital tradition of spiritual music in this part of the world. In Alaska, a native interpreter will reveal the landscape through the filter of myth and tradition. No matter the topic, they’ll add to your appreciation and contribute a vital, but not easily discovered, facet of a region. 

Featured Cultural Specialists

David Brotherson

Cultural Specialist
David’s career in archaeology began in 2005. While his interests initially focused on the ancient languages and cultures of the Mediterranean, he eventually shifted to Southeast Asia. David has been conducting research in Cambodia since 2009 and moved there permanently in 2011. He is a member of the Greater Angkor Project, an archaeology research program and international collaboration between the University of Sydney, Cambodia, and France, and has conducted fieldwork and excavations at numerous sites across Angkor. His research interests include ceramics studies, archaeological survey, and the history of Cambodian art and architecture.

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