Get “under the skin” of a geography, to see how past shapes present

Our guests are among the most inquisitive and curious of today’s travelers, and our expedition travel team historians ensure you’ll come away with the most comprehensive understanding possible.

Their colorful personalities and passion for history, from the minutiae to the big picture, make them engaging travel tour guides and companions. During Recap they’ll prepare you for the next day’s adventures, and as you walk together ashore, they’ll bring to life topics they’ve discussed. Their lectures and on-the-spot commentary turn what might otherwise be a succession of days and events into a holistic narrative. Even in areas as wild as Antarctica and the Arctic, the historical prospective they provide gives you a framework to consider mankind’s relationship to both poles today.

Featured Historians

David Barnes

Scotland, 23 July 2017
David studied history at the University of York in England and theology at the University of Wales.  Research in the field of religious history (at Cardiff) followed on naturally.  He has spent most of his professional life teaching history, most recently in adult education departments within the University of Wales where he has taught a wide variety of courses pertinent to the wider Atlantic world.  In 1988, he made his first lecture-tour of the U.S. for the English Speaking Union. He has published extensively on Welsh history and topography–his most recent book being the Companion Guide to Wales (2005)–and is a frequent contributor of articles and reviews to Welsh cultural and literary journals.  In the1990s, David was active in the field of international education, traveling worldwide and spending a year in the U.S. (in Atlanta and New York City).  He speaks English and French in addition to his native Welsh.

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Robyn Woodward

Mediterranean, 14 May 2018
Lecturing on expedition cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and British Columbia since 1996 has fueled Robyn’s passion for adventure, discovery, travel, art and archaeology. These diverse interests have carried her through several degrees including a BA in the History of Art from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario; a B.Sc. in Conservation of Archaeological Materials from University College, Cardiff, Wales; and a MA in Anthropology (Nautical Archaeology) from Texas A & M and finally returned home to Vancouver, British Columbia to complete her Ph.D. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in 2007. For the past 12 years she has directed the excavations of Sevilla la Nueva, the first Spanish capital of Jamaica and has spent eight summers in the Canada’s Yukon Territory documenting the paddle-wheelers of the Klondike Gold Rush, a project that has instilled a passion for history of Canada’s north.

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Tom Heffernan

Mediterranean, 09 September 2017
Tom, a native of New York City, who has had a life-long passion for travel and exploration, is the Kenneth Curry Professor of Humanities at the University of Tennessee and the founding Director of the university’s Humanities Center. His areas of interest are anthropology of religions and historical linguistics.

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Vincent Butler

Canada, 07 September 2017
Vincent is a professional archaeologist and lecturer who received his B.A. in geography and archaeology and master’s Degree in environmental archaeology from University College, Dublin. Vincent is also nearing completion on his doctorate — his dissertation is concentrated on the utilization of mammals in the Anglo-Norman period in Ireland.

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