Stewards of the voyage narrative, they’re key to the quality of your experience

Passionate about the geographies they explore (and return to regularly), our naturalists illuminate each facet through their enthusiasm and knowledge. Our guests consistently cite the expertise and engaging company of our staff as key reasons to repeatedly travel with us.

More than guides, they are engaging companions, joining you at meals as well as on walks, Zodiac, and kayak forays.

We compose the staff—with specialties ranging from archaeology to marine biology—on each expedition to ensure a diverse range of expertise. Our industry-leading ratio of 1 staff to 10 guests (depending on size of ship) ensures that you’ll have a variety of interests and personalities to choose from on daily activities. You are never herded into large groups, you can gravitate naturally to the staff member you’re most interested in.  

Featured Naturalists

Ian Bullock

Ian Bullock is a British biologist who lives in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, on the south-western seaboard of Wales. He grew up in Cambridge but was always drawn to the rugged cliffs of the west coast, from childhood seaside holidays in Cornwall to his university training as a zoologist in Bangor, North Wales.

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Jason Kelley

Baja California, 07 April 2018
Jason grew up traveling with his oceanographer father and biologist mother, both of whom worked with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic.  This led him to a job as a Zodiac driver while still a teenager.  After receiving a degree in geology from San Francisco State University, concentrating on unique sedimentary structures in the coastal range of Northern California, he went to work for the U.S. Geological Survey in their National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Laboratory (NEHRL).

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Karen Copeland

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor
Arctic & Russian Far East, 06 August 2018
Born and raised in Canada, Karen received her B.Sc. in biology from the University of Waterloo, her M.D. from the University of Western Ontario and interned at McMaster University in Hamilton. Detouring from hospital hallways, Karen soon became a whitewater guide and published photographer, fulfilling a passion for knowledge that began with botany and led to geology and ornithology.

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