Undersea Specialists & Divemasters

Because the ocean is vital to the regions we visit, we help you explore them

Our exclusive undersea program is a pioneering expedition feature, designed to enrich your experience and aid your understanding of the region you’re exploring—given the importance of the ocean to life on the planet.

Using a high-definition camera, our Cousteau-like undersea specialist dives frequently during the voyage to show you strikingly clear images of the seldom-seen world beneath the ship.

Far from a cold, lifeless stretch, the seas of Antarctica and the Arctic are surprisingly rich and colorful environments filled with astonishing life forms. The same is true of Alaska, where we’ve recently established an undersea program. Guests are marveling at the unexpected wonders and the thought-provoking talks and conversations they inspire.

Undersea specialists are on expeditions to Alaska, Baja, Galápagos, and nearly all sailings of National Geographic Explorer.

Both National Geographic Explorer (polar regions) and National Geographic Endeavour are also equipped with an ROV capable of depths of up to 1,000 feet and 500 feet respectively—manned by, but going beyond the range of our divers. These ROVs are allowing us to show you what few human eyes have ever seen, including polar scientists with whom we share our video findings.

In addition, many of our ships are equipped with Splash-Cams that allow filming of surface activity, from porpoising penguins to curious sea lions.  

Featured Undersea Specialists & Divemasters

Christine West

Undersea Specialist
Pacific Islands, 03 May 2021
Christine was fortunate to grow up in the Pacific Northwest on the shores of the Puget Sound. After graduating from the University of Washington, she decided to pursue her love of the ocean and exploration. Her passion for marine biology has inspired her through over 4,000 scuba dives around the globe in temperate and cold-water conditions, as well as snorkeling and freediving in extraordinary habitats such as in river beds with spawning salmon, in recently de-glaciated bays and lagoons filled with ice and glacial silt and in deep blue water with large marine animals including humpback whales, hammerhead sharks and pilot whales.

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