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Find out why our alliance means a richer travel experience for you

The mission statement reads: Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel. Our collaboration in exploration, research, technology, and conservation provides extraordinary travel experiences and disseminates geographic knowledge around the globe.

But the human motives underlying the alliance between the two companies, forged in 2004 are simpler: hero worship, and the human genetic drive to head out in ships and discover new things.

Sven Lindblad regarded his explorer father as a hero, and was enthralled by National Geographic magazine, the Society, and its roster of explorers past and current. At National Geographic, there is simply no one who does not love the idea of exploring the world and knowing its wonders, or having a fleet of ships to do it with. So, the alliance was a natural—and creates a wonderful proposition for today’s travelers.

Now, thanks to our alliance, you can take a National Geographic cruise on a fleet of ships to the planet’s most extraordinary places in the company of world-renowned scientists, naturalists, and researchers, and explore stunning natural environments alongside skilled specialists using state-of-the-art exploration tools.

You may have seen National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen’s fascinating photo essay, Deadly Beauty [National Geographic, November, 2006] or his gorgeous 2009 photography book Polar Obsession, but guests on past Arctic expeditions traveled with him while he was capturing some of his iconic Arctic images.

You may watch America the Wild with Casey Anderson on the National Geographic Channel, but guests on our spring Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness expedition traveled with him, and observed him recording this video.

And the good news for photo enthusiasts is: every expedition aboard National Geographic Explorer is accompanied by a National Geographic photographer.

There are many opportunities ahead to travel with interesting National Geographic and other experts, from field researchers you haven’t heard of yet, to names you know.

So now, whether you’re browsing the latest National Geographic magazine, or remembering a past article that fascinated you, you have the option to literally “live an issue.” To board an expedition ship and head out to explore the world yourself. That’s what National Geographic On Board means for you.

Partners in Exploration: Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic

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