Cabins & Suites

The finest ship on the Mekong River

The cabins and suites aboard The Jahan offer a level of luxury previously unknown on this river. The ship accommodates 48 guests in 24 cabins including two suites. All accommodations on the ship have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in abundant light and an unrestricted view of life along the river. The rooms are bright and cheerful, decorated in the style of grand old cruise liners.

Extraordinary luxury, standard in every room
Every cabin is air-conditioned with a thermostat. Cabins feature a mix of twin- and queen-sized beds; your preference is taken at booking. In every room you’ll find modern, stylish facilities, including a minibar with refrigerator. Soft-hued woods and colonial-style furnishings offer an ageless feel, a time that harks back to the golden age of ship travel. Bedding is luxurious cotton, and when you return from exploring you’ll find an attentive hotel staff has made up your room. Each cabin bathroom is stocked with shampoo, shower gel, and lotion. Hair dryers are also available. If you would like your suitcase to be stored for you, simply let one of the hotel staff know. Reusable water bottles are available, and a pitcher of water is placed in your cabin each day.

The two available suites are the largest and most luxurious rooms, each with a private Jacuzzi and queen-sized bed.

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