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An Unplanned Amazon Adventure

Last month we received this thoughtful letter from one of our Amazon guests, and we asked if we could share it here. His story, while atypical in terms of his unnerving experience in Peru’s airport, is a thrilling example of expedition travel and the high level of service our guests receive. Racing downriver aboard a skiff at night, slicing through the dark, calm water to catch the ship is, I’m sure, an adventure our guest will never forget. Thanks very much for sharing your experience, Gerald.

Plastic-Eating Fungi Discovered in the Amazon

Is fungus one of the answers to the world’s waste problem? A group from Yale University discovered a plastic-eating fungus in the Amazon rain forest. The exotic fungus is able to survive by growing on polyurethane in an oxygen-free environment. The discovery holds promise in the discovering new possibilities for managing plastic waste.

If you’re interested in making some of your own discoveries in the rain forest, join us for an Amazon River cruise.