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  • Santa Cruz Island

    In the early hours of the day, we arrived at Itabaca Channel on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island. We headed for shore after breakfast and boarded the local buses that would take us to the highest part of the island. We spent quite a bit of time here admiring, among a number of features, the giant Galapagos daisies and the “Gemelos” craters.

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  • Punta Pitt and Cerro Brujo

    Today National Geographic Endeavour II arrived to set anchor at San Cristobal Island. It is almost the end of our expedition and we feel that we’ve seen it all, and yet the surprises still come. The morning hike afforded some of the most abundant encounters with wildlife. The hike led us to a beach dotted with sea lions, some resting, some alert and ready to play when it came time for snorkeling.

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  • Loreto Bay National Park

    Sunrise found us transiting across the northern boundary of the Loreto Bay National Park. Established in 1995 by the government of Mexico, the park protects five of the most precious islands occupying the Sea of Cortez: Monserrate, Danzante, Santa Catalina, Coronados, and Carmen. The waters around them are also part of these parks, and we spent the morning sailing through a good portion of the area. Once inside, we had the pleasure to witness not just the sunrise over the ocean but one that showed the elusive and ever-mythic green flash!

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  • Santiago Islands

    Today we woke up anchored in Buccaneer’s Bay at Santiago Island. We started our morning with a stretching session at Espumilla beach, beautiful sunrise, followed by a photo walk, and kayaking for those wanting to get out on the water.

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  • Santa Cruz Highlands and Galapagos National Park

    Today we traveled by bus from the Itabaca Channel to El Chato II, a farm where we could observe the land tortoises of Santa Cruz Island roaming free in their natural habitat. We learned about the ecology of this healthy tortoise population of approximately 8000 individuals. Afterwards, we traveled for 25 minutes along the humid zone, to visit El Trapiche Ecológico to observe the production of local coffee, chocolate and liqueur. Then we went to el Aquelarre, a beautiful restaurant, for lunch.

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  • Apataki

    It was a big day with lots of water activity out here at the Apataki Atoll! There was so much to see and do around this beautiful coral atoll, and the reefs were nothing less than spectacular.

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  • Bahia Concepcion

    The climate in the Gulf of California is unpredictable during the winter-spring transition, since it sits at the confluence of three different wind systems between the west, north, and south. Today, the wind began from the north and made National Geographic Venture locate to one of the most idyllic bays in this sea: Bahia Concepcion – south of the copper mining town of Santa Rosalia and north of the historic California capital of Loreto. The historical flavor of the early exploration and colonization of this peninsula, respectively, by Spanish Conquistadores and Jesuit missionaries blew through the winds and across the landscape.

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  • Santiago Island

    We began our day with an optional early photography walk to explore Espumilla. It was quiet and calm during this outing, and we saw baby turtles and tracks left behind from last night. We had an opportunity to use our gear with different settings, and even our iPhones were very useful tools for photography. As a matter of fact, all the pictures in this report were taken with smart phones.

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  • Isabela Island

    Today we explored two different sites on Isabela’s western coast. Urbina Urbina Bay was our first destination, a region of land uplifted from the sea floor in 1954, as a result of an earthquake some 30 miles west of the archipelago. Part of the evidence left from this geological event can be found all along the trail, including coral, shells, and pieces of mangroves encountered as far as a mile from the shore! After exploring the trail, we went ashore to enjoy a refreshing beach-side swim.

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  • Isla San Marcos

    A leisurely morning aboard National Geographic Venture allowed guests to enjoy this pleasant day out on the decks as well as presentations about the distinct geography and wildlife that makes Baja California such a beloved destination for those visiting.

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