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  • Isla Española

    In just a couple weeks, I can feel a change in the climate. Instead of flat calm seas at daybreak here in the protected Gardner Bay, there were light waves dancing around the ship. Although it is still hot and humid, it is more comfortable than it has been these past few months. The waved albatross have returned from their peregrinations around the Pacific Ocean over the last three months, and are now residing on their preferred island for the breeding season. Snorkeling was outstanding today, with young sea lions cavorting with the guests on the white sandy beach, and in the turquoise water. A warm afternoon breeze helped to reduce the mosquitoes of Punta Suarez.. Read More

    • Apr 24, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Isla San Marcos & Santa Rosalía

    We spent the morning at Isla San Marcos, where we hiked, kayaked, cruised along the shore on our expedition landing craft, and snorkeled in a beautiful grotto among colorful fish. Searching the nearby waters for marine mammals, we found a huge pod of common dolphins as well as two humpback whales. In the late afternoon the ship docked in the French-influenced copper mining town of Santa Rosalía.. Read More

  • Gotland, Sweden

    A short overnight journey across the Baltic has brought us to the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland.  We landed at the lovely town of Visby, which was an important Viking port and a stronghold for the medieval kings of Sweden and Denmark.  Excursions by coach and on foot took us around the island, introducing us to its history, culture and landscapes on a beautiful sunny day.. Read More

    • Apr 23, 2017
    • National Geographic Orion in Baltics
  • Española (Hood) Island

    Española Island is the oldest Galapagos Island as it sits on the southeastern end of the archipelago. All of the islands are the result of the activity of a stationary volcano producing area located to the northwest of the islands.  As an extinct volcano Española Island is now expose to the elements and little by little it will deteriorate to the point that it will go back to the ocean. . Read More

    • Apr 23, 2017
    • National Geographic Endeavour II in Galápagos
  • Isla Santa Catalina

    Dolphins! Dolphins!  How can you say that without a huge smile on your face?  We found both common and bottlenose dolphins today as well as a smattering of mobula rays. The glassy flat water made it easy to see the rays gently gliding through the water column. We mobilized all the ways to enjoy water at Isla Santa Catalina. Kayaking, snorkeling and stand-up paddleboards were activities of the afternoon, followed by shoreline cruises and hikes later in the day.  What a great cross section of sightings and activities during our first full day exploring Baja California.. Read More

  • Supay, Iricagua and Puerto Miguel

    Our last day exploring the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve began with an overcast morning. Before breakfast we explored Supay Creek. A group went by kayak while the rest went on the skiffs. The temperature was ideal and the birds were so active that they allowed us to enjoy each of them.After breakfast, Iricahua Creek was waiting for us too. Read More

    • Apr 22, 2017
    • Delfin II in Amazon
  • San Cristobal Island

    We anchored at Punta Pitt on a cloudy and rainy morning. It cleared up just in time for our walk on the island, exploring and searching for Red footed boobies, the one spices we had not seen yet! Our expedition ended with a beautiful walk along Cerro Brujo beach. . Read More

    • Apr 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Klaipeda, Lithuania

    Despite reports of challenging weather, we arrived in Lithuania this morning right on time. Before retiring to bed last night, it was unclear if we would be able to call into Klaipeda at all, as the winds were projected to be over 40 knots at the time of our arrival. Expedition Leader Jen was up at the early hour of 5 a.m. assessing wind conditions with the Captain. The winds appeared to be around 20 knots. However, they were increasing steadily, and by the time the Captain got the ship alongside the winds had already reached 45 knots. It was an extraordinary docking maneuver and we were very grateful to be able to continue with our schedule as planned (even if a bit windy!).Upon arrival in Klaipeda we broke into three groups: those doing a cycling ride to the Curonian Spit (a narrow sandbar stretching from the Kaliningrad coast all the way across the Lithuanian coastline up to Klaipeda); those visiting the folkloric Hill of Witches; and those going out to the Cape Vente ornithological station. Read More

    • Apr 22, 2017
    • National Geographic Orion in Baltics
  • Atun Poza and Pacaya River

    We started our day with a lovely sunrise in the Pacaya Samira National Reserve. We loaded the skiffs and explored another section of this reserve, Atun Poza. We navigated through the water vegetation, enjoying the view of the egrets and herons.There was so much to see along the river banks. Read More

    • Apr 21, 2017
    • Delfin II in Amazon
  • Santa Cruz Island

    Visiting the populated island of Santa Cruz was a novelty after so many days out on the uninhabited islands. Today was all about giant tortoises, although sea lions, brown pelicans, land and marine iguanas, and Galapagos mockingbirds also made an appearance. Our full day was rewarded with amazing photos and souvenirs for loved ones back home.. Read More

    • Apr 21, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
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