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  • Punta Pitt, San Cristobal

    This morning as we walked up through the canyon of Punta Pitt, we could not be more amazed of how these magnificent formations had formed over time through the gradual yet constant meeting of hot, hot lava with the cold of the ocean. That these layers will add and compact over time to form islands is simply astounding.

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  • The Environs of Magdalena Bay

    Our journey began at the southern point of Magdalena Bay, where deeper, more exposed waters created suitable wintering conditions for juvenile and adult male gray whales. We have since have traveled north, through the Hull Canal, and to the northern mouth of the bay, Boca de Soledad. We find ourselves now at an area heavily populated with mother-calf pairs this winter. We set out early in the morning on Zodiacs to witness newly born whales that make Magdalena such a unique place before they embark on the remarkable 6,000-mile journey to their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic.

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  • San Esteban Island

    It was still quite dark when National Geographic Venture reached the southern flank of San Esteban Island. The dark and early hour did not keep our avid photographers from deploying the Zodiacs to reach shore before dawn.

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  • Isla Rasa and Boojum Land

    We spent the morning at Isla Rasa where above us thousands upon thousands of elegant terns and Heerman’s gulls swarmed the sky in lieu of the mating season underway here in Baja California. All the while, hundreds of playful curious sea lions barked and lumbered along the beach as we explored a coast that seems to teem with wildlife through land, sea, and sky alike. Transiting the “Canal de Ballenas” in the company of fin whales, we arrived at Bahia de los Angeles. Here we boarded expedition vehicles and headed into the desert to explore the land of the boojum tree.

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  • El Barril Mangroves, Magdalena Bay

    I loved this day in the protected, inland lagoon waters of Baja California Sur. It was perfect—with maybe a bit more wind than desirable—but perfect nonetheless! And why? We had a sighting of one of the most beautiful birds in Baja—the mangrove warbler. This is a variant of the yellow warbler that is only found in healthy mangrove forests in Mexico and Central America (and a tiny section of southeast Texas). They are small and a little shy, especially in the wind, but they will sometimes show themselves with a little coaxing. The one we spotted was was a fully dressed male with a sweet little song. And that was only one portion of our morning, touring the mangroves along the shore of Magdalena Bay.

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  • Caletas and Corcovado National Park

    Being now at our final day exploring Costa Rica, how to better conclude this voyage than by visiting the most biological diverse region of this country? Corcovado National Park, a conservation stronghold in its own right, is comprised of no less than 13 major ecosystems and home to the only old-growth wet forests off Central America’s Pacific coast. Between horseback riding and spotting endless amounts of wildlife, today was certainly one for the books.

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  • Espumilla Beach, Buccaneers Cove, Egas Port

    Today’s pre-breakfast outing led us to explore the brown sandy beach of Santiago. Espumilla. The area is marked by a thick green band of mangroves along the bank, which harbors an abundance of finch and mockingbird species. It was during this walk that we encountered ghost crabs, several American Oyster catchers, and a Pacific green sea turtle making its way back to the ocean after having laid and buried its eggs in dry inland sand.

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  • At Sea

    Our second day at sea from South Georgia turned out to be considerable brighter and calmer than the previous. Perhaps because of that, many more of us were around to witness the incredible variety of seabirds for which these waters are known. Presentations occupied most of our day, along with planning for the Falkland Islands and then back home. A lot of us used the time to reflect on all we’ve seen and experienced the last two weeks. In this day and age, spending a few days getting to one place is not very common. But after experiencing South Georgia, the jewel of the Southern Ocean, and the surprisingly beautiful and plentiful Falkland Islands, we all agreed it was worth the time and effort to get there!

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  • Santa Cruz Island

    Guests onboard National Geographic Endeavour II spent the day exploring both the coastal lowlands and highlands of Santa Cruz Island. We began the day with a tour of the Charles Darwin Research Station. Guests learned about the important and interdisciplinary research conducted at this world-renowned research station. We visited the giant tortoise captive breeding center, discussing the impacts that humans have had on wild populations and the efforts that the Galapagos National Park make to replenish them.

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  • Isla San Marcos, Sea of Cortez

    Pre-dawn light found staff and guests waiting on the bow of National Geographic Venture in hopes of catching a green-flash sunrise over the Sea of Cortez that morning. As the eastern sky changed from the cooler colors of blue and violet to the warmer yellows and reds, the sun finally crested horizon. No green flash, but cameras clicked and whirred, pointed toward the horizon, as brown pelicans, blue-footed boobies, and magnificent frigatebirds soared above.

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