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  • Isla Magdalena and the Hull Canal

    We awakened our first morning aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird anchored in Bahia Magdalena off Isla Magdalena.  The skies were clear and blue, temperature 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and a light wind of about 10 knots.  A group gathered on the aft Bridge deck to shake free of the long travels to get here, and breathe in the fresh sea air here in Baja California Sur.  The qi is amazing here, a spaciousness of desert and sea, inviting us to open and expand outward.  The gentle rocking of the ship was soothing.  We shook and tapped and circled our joints, grounded feet down and crown up, and connected one to another in a massage and back-scratch circle.  Then it was time for a different kind of outward expansion… breakfast! After breakfast and shipboard introductions and briefings, we boarded the inflatable boats and zipped ashore to explore Isla Magdalena. Read More

  • Manuel Antonio National Park

    The last day of our excursion took us to one of the best visited National Parks in the country; with an area of only 3600 hectares, this park is the quintessential image - if not the accurate one - of what a tropical rain forest is.  Manuel Antonio is surrounded by water or pastureland, which converts it into a “land island” that isolates the medium sized mammal populations and keeps them inside, allowing for great sighting opportunities.  As we disembarked onto the white sandy beach of Espadilla Sur and change into our dry walking shoes, we split into two trails: the Sloth Valley Trail and Punta Catedral. Read More

  • Bartholomew Island and Chinese Hat

    Early this morning we began our day with an invigorating walk to the top of Bartholomew Island. As we began to climb up the wooden steps we noticed that it had rained, and several lava lizards had emerged, trying to get some of the fresh water accumulated on the wooden boards. From the summit we admired the most famous view in the archipelago. In the distance, some of our guests spotted the spout of a lonely whale, which was later identified as a Bryde’s whale. After the walk we returned to the beach to head back to the ship for breakfast, and found a Galapagos sea lion comfortably sleeping on a Zodiac. It looked up at all the groups returning to the ship, but it did not immediately leave. Later in the morning we headed ashore for snorkeling from the shore and found a Galapagos shark slowly swimming along the coast, as well as a diamond stingray resting at the sandy bottom. Read More

    • Jan 19, 2017
    • National Geographic Endeavour II in Galápagos
  • Drake Passage

    We began our account of our journey to Antarctica, with a wonderful encounter with sei whales in the Beagle Channel. Even though visibility was a little poor in the darkening skies, many of us were able to catch good glimpses of these huge whale as they went about their feeding. We also were fortunate to see dusky dolphins and Peale’s dolphins. Afterwards the ship headed out into open seas and on our course for the South Shetland Islands, where we will make our first landfall. But first the dreaded Drake Passage has to be negotiated.This vast body of water, much feared, was discovered by Sir Francis Drake in September 1578. Read More

    • Jan 19, 2017
    • National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica
  • South Plazas and Santa Fe Islands

    Two of the smallest islands located at the central part of the archipelago are home to two of the three endemic species of land iguanas. Read More

    • Jan 19, 2017
    • National Geographic Islander in Galápagos
  • Osa Peninsula; Agujitas River, Caletas reserve and Corcovado National Park

    Corcovado National Park is perhaps the most pristine one of Costa Rica as well as my favorite of all the destinations that we visited during our expedition. An area to enjoy the real natural wonders of Costa Rica.. Read More

  • Cerro Dragon and Daphne Islet

    Today we visited Santa Cruz Island for a second time, and spent the morning in the northern region of the Island. The visitor site is known as Cerro Dragon, or Dragon Hill. During the hike, we got to see Galapagos marine iguanas, and we even observed Galapagos land iguanas fighting. After this, we prepared for snorkeling at the bigger Islet of Guy Fawkes, where we saw big schools of colorful fish, sharks and some sea lions that were playing with the guests: an amazing experience! During the afternoon, we enjoyed a boat ride around Daphne Mayor Islet and celebrated the sunset with a wine tasting, . Read More

    • Jan 18, 2017
    • National Geographic Endeavour II in Galápagos
  • Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

    The DER below is from the expedition to Cuba that began on January 11, 2017.  The Island of the Youth is an almost hidden corner of Cuba, tucked away under the long western curve of the main island. Read More

    • Jan 18, 2017
    • Panorama in Cuba
  • Golfito & Casa Orquideas

    On our first day in Costa Rica, we visited during the morning the mangrove forest along the edges of the well protected waters of the little gulf of Golfito, inside the larger gulf of Golfo Dulce. Some of us explored the bay by kayak and other by expedition landing craft. The morning air was cooler and we got to understand better the importance of the mangrove forest while seeing monkeys and many birds.During the afternoon we visited Casa Orquideas. Read More

  • Cetacean Searching and San Jose del Cabo

    We awakened to another breathtakingly beautiful day in Baja California Sur… calm seas, clear skies with a few high scattered clouds, 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun just about to rise.  A group of us gathered on the Bridge deck aft for some light qigong to get our energy and body loosened up and moving freely for the day.  We sipped sweet air as we shook and tapped, grounded and circulated.  During the night, the National Geographic Sea Bird had sailed south along the coast of the peninsula, and the morning was devoted to searching the waters off Cabo Pulmo and around Gorda Banks for marine mammal activity. Read More

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