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  • Monkey River and Ranguana Caye

    As the sun rises, National Geographic Quest anchors just a half-mile from the mouth of the Monkey River. This costal waterway stems deep in the Maya mountains and exist into the Caribbean Sea. Monkey River is home to many species of birds, reptiles and black howler monkeys. The afternoon was spent enjoying the tranquil Caribbean Sea around the island of Ranguana Caye, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking and beach lounging before our day ended with a beautiful sunset.

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  • Drake Passage | S61° 04.6”, W64°14.3”

    Today we sailed northward at a speed of around 12 knots towards Cape Horn. At 8 a.m., the water temperature was 2.5 °C and by 2 p.m. had risen sharply to the balmy value of 4.2 °C indicating we had crossed the Polar Front, also known as the Antarctic Convergence. Moving away from the ice and into the open ocean brought a suite of seabirds for our pleasure, in particular the members of the tube-nosed seabirds, classified in the order Procellariiformes.

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  • Fernandina and Isabela

    National Geographic Endeavour II traveled overnight around Isabela Island by its northern end. As first light broke, we crossed Banks Bay as we neared the anchorage of Punta Espinoza at Fernandina Island. After a walk on lava flows that are hundreds of years old, we snorkeled across the bay with swimming Galapagos marine iguanas and foraging green sea turtles. During lunchtime we backtracked north, and after a coastal exploration aboard our Zodiacs at Punta Vicente Roca, we proceeded across the Equatorial Line while enjoying a sunset wine tasting of South American wines.

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  • Bahia Almejas

    This morning, soft colors filled the sky as we awoke in Bahia Almejas (Bay of Clams) and started our first full day of adventures aboard National Geographic Sea Lion. Bahia Almejas is at the southern end of Bahia Magdalena (Magdalena Bay) and is known for incredible whale sightings.

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  • Tonle Sap River

    We started the day early onboard Jahan, with a pre-breakfast oxcart ride along the banks of the Tonle Sap River. We stopped to photograph lotus fields along the way before continuing to the village to visit two schools, the Green School and the Kampong Chhnang school, supported by the Lindblad-National Geographic Conservation Fund.

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  • Morne Diablotin & Prince Rupert Bay

    The sun rose soon after 6 a.m. over Morne Diabolotin, called Waitukubuli by the indigenous Kalinago, meaning “the woman whose body is long.” We had a cool northerly breeze of three knots. We docked in Prince Rupert Bay on the island of Dominica, for the first time since it was destroyed by the category-5 Hurricane Maria.

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  • Port Lockroy

    Waking up to blue skies and big smiles, we sail into our last true day down on the white continent. Finding ourselves at the well-known anchorage of Port Lockroy for one last morning of adventures before pulling anchor and head north back into the famous Drake Passage once more.

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  • North Seymour & Rabida Islands

    During our first full day, guests on National Geographic Endeavour II explored North Seymour Island in the morning.  Everyone went on a hike to observe and photograph marine birds like blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds. During the afternoon, our guests had the chance to snorkel and hike on Rabida Island.

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  • Bahia Almejas and Isla Margarita

    Any day that begins with blessings by whale snot and ends with projecting the filter-feeding feet of barnacles onto several big screens is a good day.

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  • Cape Horn & the Beagle Channel

    After an easy return crossing of the Drake Passage, we awoke to get a look at Cape Horn, the legendary tip of South America, feared by mariners throughout history. Today it was not so intimidating as the sun broke through in patches and the meeting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans undulated rather gently.

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