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  • Lopez Mateos, Magdelena Bay

    Baja at dawn is what northerners dream of this time of year. A warm breeze purled across the deck as dawn let off from midmorning pink to pastel blue of the afternoon sky. Reflections on the water drive most to their cameras: This is how our day began.

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  • Casa Orquídea and the Turtle project

    After a long navigation from Panama, we finally made it to Costa Rica. In our first day we first visited a botanical garden home to more flowers, plants and birds than one could ever hope to capture with a camera. In the afternoon we participated in a new activity: We got to see how scientist gather data out of the sea turtles, and afterward we watched the sea turtles return to the sea.

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  • Isabela and Fernandina Islands

    We woke early in the morning to search for marine mammals along the western waters of the enchanted archipelago. At a distance we saw a pod of around 300 common dolphins swimming north. After breakfast we spotted about 10 short-fin pilot whales and were able to get very close to them.

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  • Salisbury Plain & Prion Island

    As the fog lifted off the shoreline, the awesome sight and sound of South Georgia’s second-largest king penguin colony at Salisbury Plain came into view. At the height of the season, 60,000 pairs of penguins may raise their young here, with the total colony estimated at 250,000 individuals. Zodiacs zipped us ashore to the abundant welcoming committee that seemed pleased to see us arrive. The king penguins raced rings around the Zodiacs, chirping their welcome. Nearer shore, fur seal pups played in the surf, testing their bravado in the waters, ducking, diving, leaping, and swerving as the Zodiacs landed on the steep, pebbly beach.

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  • Urbina Bay & Tagus Cove, Isabela Island

    Isabela is the largest island in the Galapagos, and today we had the chance to explore more of it! We started with a wonderful walk at the foot of the Alcedo Volcano, expecting to find land iguanas but…we also found wild giant tortoises! Our walk took place in Urbina Bay, where the whole area was an uplift—so until 1954 this trail was underwater. After getting to experience face to face encounters with these iconic animals, we had the chance to refresh on the beach, where even a passing penguin showed up to swim among us.

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  • Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

    During the night, National Geographic Explorer slowly made her way along the South Georgia coastline and entered Fortuna Bay just before daybreak. The wind conditions were better than forecast, but it was still a little murky outside—rainy with low clouds. Only the highest mountain peaks were visible, stark against the gray skies. Promising weather for us to retrace the last few miles of the Shackleton hike!

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  • Cruising around Carmen Island

    Today we spent our first full day together as we transited around the peninsula of Baja California—and it could not have played out better. We woke as National Geographic Venture sailed the waters between Montserrat and Carmen islands, inside the Loreto Bay National Park. Loreto Bay is one of the jewels of Mexico’s Natural Protected Areas. Created in 1995, the park protects five islands and surrounding waters, and is home to a great diversity of marine mammals.

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  • Coiba National Park

    Our last day exploring the Panama’s Pacific Coast began with a lovely sunrise. We cruised during the evening and arrived at Coiba National Park just before sunrise. National Geographic Quest anchored beside the gorgeous islet of Granito de Oro (“Little Grain of Gold”).

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  • Bartolome and Rabida Islands

    Bartolome is one of the youngest islands in the archipelago, with contrasting and unique landscapes seemingly everywhere. Guests took on an invigorating hike to the summit of the island as a pre-breakfast activity. The sun shone behind a very thin layer of mist, giving those who came here for photography a great diffuser for some excellent landscape and wildlife shots.

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  • Fernandina and Isabella Islands

    Today we sailed to the western islands of the Galapagos: Fernandina and Isabela. We woke up early, to search for whales before breakfast. The sunrise was spectacular. At 7:45 am we landed at Punta Espinoza, on the northeastern side of Fernandina. Fernandina is the youngest island of the Galapagos. The last volcanic eruption happened last year and the previous one in 2017. We walked along relatively new lava fields.

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