Inian Islands and Fox Creek, SE Alaska

Aug 22, 2017 - National Geographic Quest

Today was an experience for the senses, visiting the active and nutrient rich waters of Cross Sound in between Icy Strait and the Gulf of Alaska. Feeling the gentle kiss of rain on our faces, the taste of salt spray on our lips, hearing the rushing waters of tidal currents, seeing the sea lions thrashing freshly caught food back and forth, then smelling the authentic reminder that their diet is very fishy. This highly productive region is a pulsing thrum of life that is a delight to explore, rain or shine. 

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About the Author

Ian Strachan

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

One steady constant in Ian’s life has been the ocean. Born by the rocky shores of mid-coast Maine, his family repatriated to far north Queensland in Australia early on in his life where he became a dual-citizen and sparked his passion for exploring new environments. Living only an hour away from the Great Barrier Reef served to direct, if not focus, the exhilaration of discovery and set him on his current path. Returning to native soil for education, Ian was fascinated by altogether too many subjects, leaving him with a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College in Psychobiology, focusing on animal behavior and perception, and with minors in Astronomy, History, and Environmental Science.

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