Ford’s Terror Wilderness

Aug 26, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Lion

We spent today exploring the waters of the Ford’s Terror Wilderness Area, both from the expedition landing crafts in front of Dawes Glacier and, for a few brave polar plungers in the cold, icy water of Endicott Arm. The ship was a welcome sight after being out in the chilling wind and rain, making our way through the ice filled fjord to get up close to the face of the glacier in the smaller boats in the morning. We moved to slightly warmer water for the plunge in the afternoon, and then made our north towards our final destination and end of the expedition in Juneau. 

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John has been interested in travelling, what can be learned from it and sharing it with others, since his days as a youth growing up in rural Ohio. A graduate of Marietta College, his first SCUBA diving course in 1980 introduced him to the underwater world, and he’s been passionate about exploring it ever since. This yearning has taken him to spectacular dive sites the world over, with extensive underwater time logged in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Thailand, Greece and Mexico.

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