Sailing the Caledonian Canal

Aug 26, 2017 - Lord of the Glens

This morning we had a choice of two options: Join Emily on an excursion to Glenfinnan or stay on the ship and sail up Neptune’s Staircase. Whatever our choice, it was a fabulous day!

The mist soon cleared, leaving intriguing wisps of clouds around the base of the mountains. And from then on we had a day of pure sunshine. The reflections of the heather-covered hills in the canal were out of this world.

Our vessel majestically glided past the last hand-operated swing bridge at Moy to Gairlochy and onto Loch Lochy. Here, Emily gave a presentation on the wildlife of Scotland, from the ice ages to nowadays. Over lunch we reached the highest point at Laggan Locks and sailed through Laggan Avenue, where the trees come right down to the water. Crossing Loch Oich the reflections were almost clearer than the hills themselves.

Once moored at Cullochy Lock, many of us took the opportunity to walk along the canal path from Kytra Lock to Fort Augustus. Fort Augustus is a pretty town with some nice shops frequented by many of us. Those who wanted more exercise hiked an official walk that took them across a golf course and cemetery. More watery pursuits beckoned some of us who kayaked the Caledonian Canal.

Before dinner we enjoyed a whisky tasting with Andy the barman, while our expedition leader Carol briefed us on tomorrow’s activities. After another delicious dinner on the Lord of the Glens, a glorious and sunny day came to an end. 

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Konia Tack

Cultural Specialist

Konia fell in love with Scotland in 1983 when she first visited from Germany. Settling on Scotland's West Coast, Konia quickly immersed herself in the local culture, the remarkable natural settings, and the history of the Highlands.

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