Isle of Eigg & Tobermory on the Isle of Mull

Aug 23, 2017 - Lord of the Glens

It was pouring rain this morning and Inverie was shrouded in clouds. As we sailed to the Isle of Eigg, the rain ceased but the clouds remained and I thought Eigg had been scrambled. (Hehe.) But a miracle happened and the clouds started to lift and Eigg emerged like a Caribbean jewel – without crowds and without heat, but with stunning colours of the sea, sand and greenery.

Eigg has been run by the Isle of Eigg Trust since 1996 when it was bought from a private owner. It is now energy self-sufficient, with its own hydro, solar and wind energy. This is very impressive achievement for a population of only 100!

Some of us went off on our own exploration, whilst everyone that felt like an informative hike joined Carol and Konia. The scenery is beautiful with temperate woodland as well as some garden plants thriving in these largely frost-free conditions provided by the north Atlantic drift (northern extension of the Gulf Stream). The hotel manager Brian surprised us with a wee refreshment in the form of a dram at the highest point of the hike.

Back on board we enjoyed far-reaching sea views and a gentle roll of the vessel during lunch. In the afternoon we reached Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. This pretty town with a population of nearly a 1,000 lifts your heart with its many coloured houses. We had the options of a hike to stunning waterfalls with Emily or a historical town walk with some nice gardens with Konia. For most of us the lure of the shops was too much – but who could resist the chocolate shop?

Before dinner Ella Potts of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust gave us a presentation on the cetaceans of the Hebrides. This was followed by dinner and then another talk by Ella on orcas.

With those lovely impressions on our minds, some of us made for our cabins, whilst others heeded the call of the most famous pub in Tobermory and headed for the Mishnish Hotel.

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Konia Tack

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Konia fell in love with Scotland in 1983 when she first visited from Germany. Settling on Scotland's West Coast, Konia quickly immersed herself in the local culture, the remarkable natural settings, and the history of the Highlands.

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