Yanalpa Caño & El Dorado River

Aug 24, 2017 - Delfin II

A beautiful calm and relatively cool early morning opened our expedition today. We visited the river banks of the Ucayali River near a location known as Yanalpa.  As the water levels of rivers and streams have been decreasing a lot in the last month we could visit a seasonal flooded forest known scientifically as “varzea”. Every year for just some few months areas adjacent to big rivers dry out allowing us to explore this interesting ecosystem that is usually under water. Plants have developed special adaptations to be able to survive most of the year submerged in water for long periods of time.

After breakfast, we had a talk about the primates of the area, one of my favorite subjects and an amusing demonstration on how to fold towels using origami techniques.

In the afternoon after enjoying a sand beach we explored the Dorado River. During this expedition, we had a lot of amazing sightings including the view of some spectacled caimans (Cayman cocodrilus) in the way back to the ship as the night was falling on the rainforest. 

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About the Author

Carlos Romero

Expedition Leader

Carlos was born in Quito, Ecuador and grew up in Venezuela, where he lived for many years near the ocean and later the rainforest. He returned to Quito to study biology and specialized in the fauna of Ecuador. His main field of study was zoology with an emphasis on vertebrates. He has a doctorate in biology and a master’s in ecotourism and natural protected areas management. He designed a new curriculum for the largest university in Ecuador, the Central University— a masters in environmental management and administration of natural protected areas. Carlos has also taken part in various scientific projects and expeditions with the Biological Sciences Department of Quito’s Polytechnic University. He has published several scientific papers, including one about the bats of Galápagos and one about the vampire bat of mainland Ecuador.

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