Genovesa Island

Sep 01, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we woke up right at the entrance of Darwin Bay located on Genovesa Island. Our activities began after having breakfast and we stayed inside the bay, which is also a collapsed caldera. We had different options for everyone; we went walking, snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding here at Genovesa Island that is also the home for the largest colony of red-footed boobies in the planet.

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About the Author

Gilda Gonzalez


Gilda was born in Ambato, located in the very heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. Since she was a child, she loved animals, often rescuing street cats and dogs. Her parents always made sure there were nature books and plenty of Jacques Cousteau’s videos at home. She graduated from high school with a degree in chemistry and biology. Afterwards, Gilda obtained a B.A. in tourism and hotel management in Quito. She also studied English, French and German, later spending two months in Brussels, Belgium.

About the Videographer

Eric Wehrmeister

Video Chronicler

Eric began his life on the far western edge of Chicago, where the concrete meets the cornfields.  His inspiration has always drawn from the expansive beauty of the natural world, as well as the endless forms that populate it.

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