Alderney & Sark, Channel Islands

Sep 07, 2017 - National Geographic Orion

Alderney, the northernmost Channel Island, greeted us with puffs of clouds chasing one another across a blue sky. A grey tower of rain clouds soon descended behind the town of Braye however, providing dramatic contrast for those with their cameras on guided photo walks—and prompting those on the nature hike to hastily dig through their packs for rain gear! But for a short sprinkle, though, the skies smiled on us, as we explored this historic and well-fortified island, which lies about ten miles from the Normandy coast of France. In the afternoon we sailed to Sark, another Channel Island. Sark welcomed us with its charming public transportation: the Toaster, as it is called, one of the tractors that transport people, goods, and equipment up and down from the harbors, throughout the small island, and across the land bridge between Big Sark and Little Sark. It was a cheerful afternoon, exploring Sark on a walking tour, by bicycle, or in a horse-drawn carriage.

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Kristy was born in Brooklyn, and left New York when she was 18 to get to know the world. Her travels took her first to Europe, and then to everywhere else: she has since lived, worked, and researched on all seven continents. Kristy holds degrees from Oxford University, University of Washington, and Boston College. Having earned her PhD by studying the cocoa-chocolate trade, she is known in the industry as “Dr. Chocolate.”

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