Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sep 13, 2017 - Sea Cloud

This morning we woke anchored just off the coast of Dubrovnik’s walled city. We spent the morning walking through medieval alleyways and along the fortified walls, enjoying incredible views over the old city and the Adriatic. Many even took the advantage to cool off by taking a dip right off the Sea Cloud after lunch before heading to our private performance by traditional a cappella Klapa singers. The weather couldn’t have been more enjoyable as we meandered through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik, into the evening where the city’s lights lit up the streets and live music and warm restaurants welcomed us back to the shore. 

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About the Author

Erika Skogg

National Geographic Photographer

Erika Skogg is a photographer, educator, and National Geographic Explorer with experience documenting cultural stories from the United States to Morocco, Greenland, Iceland, Colombia, and beyond. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Erika’s photographic research and storytelling ideas are driven by the desire to immerse, understand, and visually preserve the region’s local Nordic culture, and in 2018, Erika received a National Geographic Early Career Grant for her project “Scandinavian American.” Erika travels to Scandinavia regularly in search of the cultural connections to our emigrant history and promote an interest in one’s own genealogy to foster a respect for the continued immigration of today.

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