Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii

Sep 14, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Today, guests of the had the privilege to visit the Haida Heritage Center near Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii.  The heritage center houses an incredible collection of past and present Haida art and culture, including a carving shed where a totem pole was being carved by artisans in the community.   After lunch, guests were able to stretch their legs on a hike up to the scenic Spirit Lake before boarding our trusty ship to cross the Hecate Strait back to the mainland of Canada.

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Jonathan Kingston

National Geographic Photographer

National Geographic photographer, climber and diver Jonathan Kingston is a visual storyteller passionate about supporting scientific research and documenting the natural history and human story of our world through photography.  From arresting photographs of vibrant tribal dances to underwater scenes of elephants swimming at sea to 3-D photogrammetric models of submerged archaeological sites, Jonathan’s penchant for travel and love of the wild have taken him to some of the most remote and unmapped corners of the globe.  His work has appeared in print and online in National Geographic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Wall Street Journal.

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