Misty Fjords National Monument

Sep 10, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

After a magical evening with humpback whales and rainbows, few imagined the following morning would hold a surprise that was just as exciting.  As we made our approach through Behm Canal, we were greeted by a lovely pod of orcas! “Ooos” and “ahhhs” persisted for over two hours as this playful bunch put on a wonderful show.  We watched happily as they worked together to find fish, share them among the group, then showcase their latest tricks for us all.  We spent the rest of the day kayaking and exploring the Misty Fjords National Monument in our expedition lading crafts. Once again, southeast Alaska delivered, as we make our way south toward British Columbia.

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Jared Funderburk


Jared grew up in the Carolinas with a passion for exploring the natural world. He has always felt most at home in the great outdoors, and there is nothing he enjoys more than sharing these experiences with others. His enthusiasm is contagious and being able to help others have similar experiences through his work, is nothing short of a dream come true.

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