Victoria, British Columbia

Sep 17, 2017 - National Geographic Quest

Sunrise this morning was a multitude of grays as we pulled into Victoria, our first stop in British Columbia. After clearing customs we split into groups to explore this beautiful city by foot, bike, and bus. Those of us with green thumbs hopped onto a bus and went into the neighborhoods near the coast, learning about the history and architecture as we went by. We visited three gardens, learning about arrangements, species, and care. One of the gardens recently hosted Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Victoria, complete with roses, flowers, trees, and 20,000 volunteer hours to make the place tick!

Cyclists toured the city, also cruising through the gardens and waving hello to their fellow travelers. Downtown, we had a historic walk with a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide who knew every nook and cranny of the city. Others went to art galleries and museums, learning about such locally renowned artists as Emily Carr. In the afternoon, we swapped tours and continued our explorations.

Before dinner, we had a very special treat – a reception at the Robert Bateman Centre. Robert Bateman is known for his exceptional artwork depicting natural themes, primarily wildlife. After wandering amongst the paintings we headed back to the ship for a delicious dinner and well-earned sleep.

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About the Author

Emily Mount

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Emily grew up in Niwot, Colorado and Pullman, Washington. Her love of nature began as a child during family vacations spent hiking, camping and exploring the mountains and deserts of the west. In contrast to her outdoors interests, Emily pursued an intensive young career as a classical violinist, culminating in degrees in history and music performance at the University of Washington.  

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