Darwin Bay & Price Phillip´s Steps, Genovesa Island

Sep 16, 2017 - National Geographic Islander

Genovesa Island is located on the northeastern end of the Galapagos and is very interesting because it hosts the largest seabird colony of the Galapagos. During our outings today the guests on National Geographic Islander explored the only two visitor sites of the island, Darwin Bay and Prince Phillip´s Steps. The highlights of the day were the many red footed boobies and great frigate birds that we encountered along the trails. 

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Salvador Cazar


Salvador Cazar studied biology at the Universidad Nacional Del Sur, Bahía Blanca, in Argentina and at the Catholic University of Ecuador. Between 1988 and 1994, Salvador worked as a naturalist and tour leader for several national and international tour operators, leading groups of visitors across the Ecuadorian rain forest, Andean forest, and to Galápagos.

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