Wallace Island, British Colombia

Sep 18, 2017 - National Geographic Quest

Water droplets on the portholes this morning did not bode well for our planned morning hike. However, the rain gave way to sunshine during breakfast and we stashed our rain hats and broke out the sunglasses as we loaded into Zodiacs in preparation for hiking on Wallace Island Marine Provincial Park. This island is small in size but big in both character and natural beauty.

Hikers and boaters discovered a multitude of birds and wildlife, including raccoons, Sitka black-tailed deer, harbor seals, kingfishers, wrens, great blue herons, an osprey and a turkey vulture.

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Sean Neilson


The summer after Sean graduated from college, he waited tables in Yellowstone to delay entering “the real world”. It was there, in the unending beauty of such a special place, where he realized the natural world was the real world—and it had captured him. 

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