Bartolome & Rabida Islands

Sep 18, 2017 - National Geographic Islander

Early this morning we visited Bartolome Island, an amazing tuff volcano with scoria and spatter cone formations. We climbed towards the top at 114 m while discovering more about the geology of the islands. The vegetation is all about pioneer plants that are highly tolerant to the heat of the sun and can survive with very little water. In the distance we were able to see Santiago Island and a black lava field which is a young volcanic event of only 118 years. The highlight, Pinnacle Rock, is a beautiful eroded tuff formation and is one of the most famous and well known landscapes of the Galapagos. Later in the afternoon we also visited Rabida Island where we ended our day with an amazing sunset! 

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About the Author

Cristina Ahassi


Cristina was born in Quito but spent her entire childhood in the Galápagos Islands surrounded by the nature that has inspired her passion for her work.

About the Videographer

Julio Rodriguez

Video Chronicler

Born and raised in Ecuador, the son of Spanish and American parents, Julio developed a passion for storytelling and environmental conservation at an early age. After majoring in History at Carleton College (Minnesota), with a thesis on the Basque anti-Franco movement, he taught English in Spain and made short promotional films for an energy efficiency company in India and two environmental conservation NGOs in Greece and Galapagos. 

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