Palouse Falls, Snake River Dams

Oct 10, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

This morning we awoke to the early glow of the sun illuminating the basalt cliffs and swaying tan grasses of the Palouse River. After breakfast, many of the guests went to view the Palouse Falls. This impressive waterfall drops over 180-feet into the plunge pool below creating a majestic sight. Guests were free to choose a scenic expedition landing craft tour of the Palouse River or to explore the area via kayak. Both were rewarding experiences. In the afternoon, we made our way through two locks on the lower Snake River before joining with the mighty Columbia as the sun set. It was another beautiful day on the river. 

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Lynette's love of the outdoors began at an early age with a semi-feral upbringing on her family's dairy farm in Vermont. The mere fact that she was not often allowed inside helped to foster an intimate relationship with the wild world.

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