Hell’s Canyon and Clarkston, Oregon

Oct 21, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Well one thing’s for certain–it’s all down hill from here. We began our expedition in Clarkston, and then traveled in expedition landing crafts upstream another 35 miles through shallow water and raging rapids. After meeting the confluence of the wild Salmon River flowing into the Snake River, we traveled down 1,000-feet to sea level, 400-miles away. To get the full experience of these photos, view them from the passenger seat of a convertible car driving fast down a winding road.

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About the Author

Jeff Litton

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Jeff is an environmental filmmaker and adventure cinematographer. His passion for adventure has led him through rural Kenyan villages, atop erupting Guatemalan volcanoes and to the enchanted Galápagos Islands to film Hammerhead Sharks. Being an expedition filmmaker enables Jeff to combine his love for capturing beauty with his drive to protect the environment. In the words of Jacques Cousteau, “people protect what they love.” Inspired, Jeff created UGENA.org, the United Global Environmental News Agency, an online resource to inspire people to care about the environment.

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