Cape Horn

Oct 21, 2017 - National Geographic Explorer

Today was a special day because we were able to land in mythical Cape Horn. A place with so much history related to sailors from the past. Even today, this is an area that challenges us. Luckily, the winds were in our favor and we were able to visit and walk on the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego.

Cape Horn marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage including where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet.

We were greeted by the Chilean naval officer in charge of the lighthouse, and his family who are wrapping up their year long assignment at Cape Horn. Our guests walked up the stairs and explored the area before enjoying a special moment of silence in front of the Albatross Monument, an eulogy to lost mariners in the waters surrounding the cape.

Our undersea specialist team had the unique opportunity to go diving in the area, encountering sea lions in their exploration. Another bonus to our beautiful morning at Cape Horn.

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Born in Chile and raised in Argentina, Alex spent his childhood living in different parts of these countries and getting to know the local cultures.

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