At Sea Heading to Stanley, Falkland Islands

Nov 07, 2017 - National Geographic Explorer

In the early morning a few bumps occurred, but generally conditions were good with just a bit of rolling. Most everyone slept comfortably and soundly—some even slept well through the night and early morning only to be aroused by our expedition leader Doug’s wake-up announcement thirty minutes before the end of breakfast.

As can happen in the higher latitudes of the world’s oceans, weather can be quite fickle and variable. In the morning, wind was mostly from the south and with some moderate swell. By late morning the fog had set in reducing visibility. Then after lunch the skies had cleared completely and we were bathed in bright sun. By mid-afternoon the wind had swung around and for the rest of the day it was coming from the north creating some choppy sea surface but still a very smooth ride for everyone since sea legs had been established over the previous days.

During the day, various talks were presented to continue informing and educating us. We were also briefed on the procedure for leaving the ship early tomorrow morning so at some points through the day everyone found time to pack. After lunch, the photo team gathered images from guests to compile into a guest slideshow. It was a highlight of the evening farewell event. An amazing variety of photos were selected and the multitude of images brought back fond memories for everyone of this very special expedition.

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Bud received an undergraduate degree in wildlife biology at Colorado State University. He then immediately went to Alaska where he worked and lived for 30 years. At the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Bud studied wildlife biology and received a master's degree conducting research on four species of alcid seabird nesting on a remote island in the Gulf of Alaska.

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