Nov 11, 2017 - National Geographic Islander

Today aboard the National Geographic Islander we enjoyed our sunrise at Genovesa Island. It’s our last expedition day and we thought that we had seen everything, but the Galapagos Islands still have surprises for us! These Island have something special every day, and once you see yourself surrounded by so many birds and wildlife it’s difficult not to think that you are in paradise.

Kayaking, snorkeling, or just enjoying the view from the National Geographic Islander, it’s a pleasure to be here immersed in nature.  

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About the Author

Ixora Berdonces


Ixora was born in the Galapagos Islands, back when the streets were made of sand and gravel. Void of TV and tablets, her childhood friends and pristine natural surroundings made for an inspiring upbringing. She was always drawn to the ocean and her local environment, with her first adventures taking place underwater, in mangrove estuaries, and perched in treetops. Not surprisingly, she was scuba diving before the age of 12 and led her first diving trips as a Dive Master in the Galapagos Marine Reserve when she was 18. 

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