Santiago Island

Nov 29, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we spent a non-stop day exploring Santiago Island. At sunrise we disembarked onto Playa Espumilla to wander along the beach, making images with our cameras. After a late breakfast we filled the morning with kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, and snorkeling activities. After two afternoon photo sessions in the lounge, we put our new photographic knowledge into play during a sunset walk at Puerto Egas. The day was wrapped up with a barbeque dinner and an evening photo critique in the lounge.


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Krista Rossow

National Geographic Photographer

For more than a decade, Krista Rossow has worked as a photographer, photo editor, and educator for National Geographic. She began her career as a photo editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine, where she shaped compelling stories from world-class imagery. As a freelance photographer she has shot feature stories for Traveler in New Orleans, San Francisco, South Africa, Costa Rica, and most recently in Asheville, North Carolina. She regularly judges Instagram contests for @NatGeoTravel and photo edits for National Geographic Books. 

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