Bartolome Island

Dec 21, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we started our day early at 6:30am climbing to the top of Bartolome Island. The views from this point are astonishing especially at this time of the day when the sunrise light creates a colorful canvas. After breakfast, we visited the gorgeous beach of Bartolome. Later on, we had several options including our glass bottom boat and deep water snorkeling along Bartolome coastline. In the afternoon, naturalist Socrates Tomalá gave an interesting lecture on Charles Darwin and the impact of his ideas at global and local levels. Later on we had a second opportunity to snorkel, but this time, on the clear waters of Sombrero Chino. At the end of the day, a zodiac ride along the channel between Sombrero Chino and Santiago Island was the perfect place to spot various marines species including manta rays, golden rays, big schools of mullets as well as Galapagos penguins and sea lions. At night, we shared with our guests two movie trailers produced by our National Geographic Global Explorers. Everyone had a lot of fun with these creative videos produced by our younger explorers. 

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About the Author

José Guerrero

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

José Guerrero Vela is an Ecuadorian permanent resident of the Galapagos. His mother was born in the islands and his grandfather was one of the first generation of teachers in the Galapagos, which has always inspired him to promote education as the main path to protect the archipelago.

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