Supay River

Dec 23, 2017 - Delfin II

Sloths, monkeys and birds, as well as pet coatimundis were a few highlights on this morning’s skiff ride. As we edged into the Supay River, the birds began to capture our attention: tanagers, parakeets, macaws, and several species of hawk.  Our guide, Sandro, told us the collection of structures, was a ‘clinic’ of sorts, operated by local Shaman-medicine people. Here, we observed some beautiful cream-colored woodpeckers in the trees above the clinic. From one of the buildings emerged two women with smiles and waves. Upon departure, we were told one of the men walking about the property was also a Shaman.

As we progressed upstream, towards the lagoon, we saw another structure whose owner told Sandro it served as more of a temporary location where the family would come to fish, have lunch and then head back to their home. However, the boys of the family, when asked, were kind enough to bring their pet coatimundis over to the skiff for us to see. One of the pets was named Rosa. She was a little feisty, but cute…at this age. As they age, they get a little bit more aggressive and may have to be let go. That might be a sad day for the boys.

Following breakfast, guests were shown all the secrets of a most special art form relegated to cruising: Towel Origami! Not all are privileged with such knowledge. Napkin origami is one thing, but compared to Towel Origami, it pales in comparison. Guests were shown how to craft animals and all sorts of interesting shapes with an everyday, flat towel.

After lunch and the mandatory Siesta, we loaded the skiffs again to cruise the Yarapa River, visit Puerto Miguel and visit the incredible-giant lily pads. Again, we were rained upon with bird calls and various wildlife sightings. The community of Puerto Miguel gave folks the opportunity to visit another ‘local’ region and come away with some of the many handicrafts created by the local people. Many of these handicrafts are seen on the Delfin II, mostly around meal times at the tables. And finally, as if the excursions of the day weren’t enough, we visited the giant-Alice-in-Wonderland-type lily pads. These are tremendous and exceptionally photogenic with their pink flowers and brilliant greens.

The evening meal was topped off with some serenading by the local on ship band: The Lady Killers. These guys have been fun and it really shows how much they enjoy playing for us. Truly a wonderful way to end a wonderful trip!

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David Jaffe

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For more than 20 years David Jaffe has guided and taught a variety of audiences about our natural world and our connection with it. His childhood interest in natural systems eventually brought him to Evergreen State College where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Geology, followed by a M.S in Applied Ecology from the University of Vermont. Mingling an academic background with experience working around the world in exceptionally diverse environments, he is able to efficiently observe, understand, and interpret natural and cultural history.

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