Bonanza Bay

Dec 31, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Today we were celebrating the last day of the year 2017 with activities in Bonanza Bay, a beautiful beach at the southeastern end of Espiritu Santo Island. Our guests and Naturalists explored the land by long hikes, while our Exhale wellness specialists practiced different styles of yoga on the white sand of the beach and on paddleboards. Those who kayaked and snorkeled discovered the water creatures that thrive in the bay, like an octopus and diverse fish and invertebrate species. Back on the National Geographic Sea Bird, a piñata was broken by all under 21 years of age. The day was bright and sunny, with light breeze and calm sea. What a wonderful way of finishing the dying year in the Gulf of California!  

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About the Author

Adrian Cerda


Adrian studied biology at the national Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1991 the Wildlife Preservation Trust of Jersey, on Britain's Channel Islands, awarded Adrian with a scholarship to its prestigious 16-week training program in Captive Management and Breeding of Endangered Species. This pioneering course of study is responsible for the conservation and rescue of countless species on the verge of disappearance. While there, Adrian also received a six month diploma in endangered species management.

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