Los Islotes and Isla San Francisco

Dec 30, 2017 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We woke before sunrise to start the day with our Exhale guest teacher, John Nelson, and his beautiful morning yoga class. By the time we finished our sun salutes we had arrived at our first stop for the day, Los Islotes. This craggy island is a haven for birds as well as a rookery and haul out for California sea lions. Our first order of business was to zip up our wetsuits, grab our snorkel gear and hit the water for a fantastic swim. The sea lions were playful, the pelicans were diving, the cormorants and eared grebes were swimming and there were abundant fish in the water. After our swim we spent some time on the bow enjoying the scenery and looking for wildlife. The afternoon found us at our second stop for the day on Isla San Francisco. Here we hiked the rugged peaks, enjoyed the tide pools and explored the waters of Half Moon Bay in our kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. As the sun began to set, the National Geographic Sea Bird galley staff brought a delicious dinner to the beach and we ate, drank and chatted around a bonfire.

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Jennifer Williams

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Jen has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998 and has a private practice in Manhattan as well as in her new home city of Philadelphia.  She holds a certification in basic exercise science, has a regular personal yoga practice, and she is a MELT method instructor. She has pursued a lifetime of dance training and is currently obsessed with rhythm tap dancing.

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