Yalour Islands and Vernadsky Base

Jan 01, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Today was the first day of 2018 and the first day of our true exploration of the beautiful Antarctic continent. The morning began after breakfast with a scenic hiking tour of the main island of the Yalour chain, on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Crowds of Adelie penguins adorned the rocks as they squabbled with each other about territory, trespassing skuas, and some other perceived insults even the naturalists were not privy to (it’s doubtful the birds themselves even knew). The second part of touring Yalour was by small boat. Dodging amongst the icebergs and we were witness to a floating garden of ice sculptures. During lunch we repositioned just outside of Vernadsky base, a Ukrainian research base where we were given a private tour and tasting of some of their homemade spirits. An amazing first day in Antarctica, and 2018!

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James Hyde


James is your typical free-range Pacific Northwest outdoorsy type. Born in Seattle and reared nearby on Vashon Island, he is most comfortable in slightly cold and damp weather. James joined the Lindblad team in July 2016 as a dive buddy and has been in love with expedition travel since. On his own he has traveled to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but with Lindblad he hopes to continue his adventures across the globe, searching out the beauties of the natural world. An avid scuba diver James can’t help being excited about whales, sharks, and pinnipeds, but he will also happily bend your ear about underwater slugs and invertebrates. It’s best just to humor him about these things.

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