Cayo Largo, Cuba

Dec 28, 2017 - Harmony V

Today we arrived at Cayo Largo, the ship anchored 4 nautical miles from shore and the local boat, Ballenato, picked up most of the guests however we also used two zodiacs for all passengers.  Upon landing we visited the local health clinic where we had a chance to have a people to people conversation with 3 doctors and three nurses who discussed from their education to daily practices, how they deal with injuries and general experiences on the island. After the visit to the clinic we had a chance to have a discussion at the turtle breeding and protection center.  Our guests were delighted to learn about the different species that are present in Cuba and how they help to protect them. After our visit to the island our guests had the opportunity to either go to Punta Larga beach or Snorkel of a local catamaran in deep water.  We had most of our guests join us on the snorkeling adventure and we spent about an hour at sea.  The entire group returned to Harmony V for lunch and at 4 pm I presented my final talk for the trip entitled “advances in cave research in Cuba”.

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Fabio Amador

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Fabio Esteban Amador is an archaeologist, explorer, photographer, and the host of a National Geographic TV series titled Mysteries of the Underworld. He specializes in aerial, terrestrial and underwater photographic technologies. For ten years, he directed the National Geographic Society-Waitt grants program focusing on exploratory research, cutting-edge technologies, and proof-of-concept projects. During his time on the National Geographic staff, his work included participating in scientific projects seeking to discover evidence of a seafaring culture among the Maya throughout the Mesoamerican barrier reef, as well as the documentation of shrines and sacred architecture along the Yucatan peninsula. His stories have been published by National Geographic and the Explorers Journal blog. Fabio is passionate about storytelling through compelling photography and a contribution to science through National Geographic Expeditions.

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