San Cristobal Island

Dec 29, 2017 - National Geographic Endeavour II

With the first, light of the morning the National Geographic Endeavour II anchors at Punta Pitt. We landed on a beautiful sandy beach, this place offers a magnificent walk where we gain altitude, and gets progressively more scenic as we ascend. At the very top, we can stand near a cliff, were red-footed boobies nest, and take advantage of the vertical column of the wind bouncing against the volcanic walls. This place is ideal for action photography of birds in flight. We had countless opportunities to make beautiful images of the birds flying over a colorful background of greens, reds and blacks. The green and mostly red vegetation that grows on the black volcanic rock, create a surreal feeling to our photos.

After the walk, some of our guests enjoyed a nice beach to cool off in the water and play with some sea lions around. Then we had a wonderful lunch, but before we got a briefing about departure tips.

This bay with some white sandy beaches is a perfect spot to relax and end our journey of a week around the islands; we found beautiful great blue herons, sea birds and sea lions along the coast. It is a perfect site to contemplate the magnificent nature, the color of the sky, the dramatic landscape, and to breathe pure air.

To end the day, the National Geographic Endeavour II cruised for sunset near the majestic rocks of Leon Dormido. What a grand ending for our expedition through the Galapagos Islands!

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About the Author

Socrates Tomala

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Socrates was raised on Santa Cruz Island located in the heart of Galapagos Archipelago.  After a childhood filled with swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing and volunteering in conservation projects, he grew very passionate about the outdoors and the natural world. 

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