Drake Passage & Beagle Channel

Jan 07, 2018 - National Geographic Orion

Despite our trip coming to a close today, everyone was in good spirits as we were lucky enough to cross yet another “Drake Lake” into the Beagle Channel. Favorable weather aside, it was truly a grand expedition to look back upon after so many fortunate encounters that seemed like a never ending dream. We sorted through and edited photos in order to contribute to the Guest Slideshow this evening, and what a series of events to reflect on. Between the fantastic shows put on by humpbacks and killer whales to the multitudes of penguins and their chicks, and not just any penguins, but two molting emperors no less! 

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Caitlyn Webster

Undersea Specialist

Caitlyn grew up entranced by the sea. She first became SCUBA certified while in high school in southern California and found her true passion diving and studying marine life. After graduating from Cal Poly State University: San Luis Obispo with a degree in Biological Sciences and a concentration in Marine Science and Fisheries, she began her career in research diving operations and logistics. Through different universities and various opportunities, Caitlyn has been fortunate enough to travel to particularly remote parts of the world, sharing her enthusiasm for exploring the seas and marine conservation.

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