Coiba National Park & Granito de Oro Islet

Jan 09, 2018 - National Geographic Quest

Today we got the opportunity to explore one of the most pristine marine reef ecosystems in the Pacific as well as venture through a hike into the humid tropical to deciduous forest. Coiba National Park, a former prison, was mostly an unexplored land for many years due to its dark past. Nowadays much of the island still remains untouched by the modern development typical of coastal areas. Coiba is well known for researchers trying to study all sort of branches of science such as botany, zoology and marine life.

Granito de Oro is translated as “little grain of gold” and is a tiny islet where plenty of tropical reef fish abound packing the coral with all the rainbow colors. Species like sergeant fish, parrotfish, Moorish idols, puffer fish, boxfish, and many more swam actively today while looking for food, defending a territory or getting a cleaning service from other fish species. Our guest enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at what is really a tropical paradise.

In the meantime, fun doesn’t stop at the reef area as many of our guest chose from a variety of water activities like kayaks and paddleboards to get active and happy into the Granito de Oro beach shore.

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Adriana Diaz


The oldest of three sisters, Adriana was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica and still lives in this same province. Her interest in biology started at a very young age when she was immediately attracted to the beauty of nature and the secrecy within the forest elements. After taking part in several volunteer programs related to biology subjects, she was later inspired to study biology with an emphasis on tropical ecology and sustainable development. By 2010, Adriana obtained a bachelor’s degree at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

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