At Sea

Jan 09, 2018 - Harmony V

We are at sea today. Harmony V heads almost due west, navigating the two hundred nautical miles from Cienfuegos to our destination for tomorrow, Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth).  Our ride is gentle, with following seas.

It is a good day to digest the many experiences of the last six days in Cuba and for looking through and editing photos.  Temperatures are delightful and clouds protect us from the tropical sun.  Perfect for enjoying time on deck, watching the world go by.

Throughout the day the expedition team shares their expertise about Cuba.  First up is National Geographic expert Fabio Amador’s “Photography 101: An Introduction to Photography Techniques”.  Fabio offers guidance for beginners through experts to maximize the quality of photos both while we are in Cuba and into the future.  Whether you have a DSLR, a pocket camera or an iPhone, there is much to be learned at this presentation.

Cuban guide Gustavo Perez’ presentation delves into the history and culture of his fascinating country.  This leads to especially lively and wide-ranging discussions helping us to better understand Cuban society and the economic and political systems of this nation.

Afternoon provides more opportunities for deck time, relaxation and presentations.  Fabio continues our presentation series with his talk about “Advances in Underwater Cave Research”.  Fabio shares amazing stories of the technological and procedural innovations that enables him to research these difficult to access sites without disturbing artifacts.  The story is compelling.

During tea time, Gustavo leads a fun session of dominoes, a national passion in Cuba. 

Cultural expert Jacob Edgar makes the final presentation of the day, “When the Spirit Moves Me: African Religious Expressions in the Music of the Americas”.  Jacob weaves many strands to tell the compelling story of how African religion influenced music in the New World, especially as it relates to Cuban music.

Dinner is a seafood extravaganza.  It is followed by a screening of “The Buena Vista Social Club”, documenting the Cuban musical scene in the twentieth century.  We make our way to bed with thoughts of tomorrow’s visit to the Isle of Youth.

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About the Author

Larry Prussin

Expedition Leader

Larry has been a naturalist for more than 35 years.  His experience includes extensive work in environmental education in Ohio, Vermont and Yosemite National Park where he was program director for the Yosemite Institute.  He has been a ranger at Mohican State Park, Lehman Caves National Monument, and Glacier Bay National Park where he first met up with Lindblad Expeditions–National Geographic in 1990.

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