The Gulf of California, Loreto Bay, & Isla Danzante

Jan 14, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

It was a perfect Baja California day on the National Geographic Sea Bird, in the waters of the Gulf of California. The rainbow colors of sunrise intensely highlighted the sliver of a crescent moon looking down over the distant desert mountains on the horizon.

Our morning yoga and stretch class was interrupted by a glorious pod of dolphins and two humpback whales feeding voraciously on fish, complete with frigate and gull sea birds swooping in to feed on the scraps.

After our ship briefings and gathering of snorkel gear for the afternoon shore activities, there was another dolphin pod sighting close by! The dedicated crew dropped Zodiacs to swiftly load us up and whisk us out to get a sea-level look at the incredible porpoises.   

After an information-packed expedition photography talk and a tasty lunch, we anchored near Isla Danzante and set up for the afternoon to run the gamut of activities along the shoreline. Some hikers enjoyed a long or medium hike into the desert in hopes of spotting a snake or scorpion. The photographers practiced their skills photographing desert plants and landscape. In addition, many were interested in the bounty of the sea as they snorkeled, kayaked, and even tried their balance on stand-up paddleboards—all patrolling the shallow waters in search of the varied species of fish.

This first magnificent day on board started us out with the anticipation of the excitement to come in search of whales and wildlife in these rich waters of Mexico!

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Amy Sobesky

Amy Sobesky

Wellness Specialist

Throughout her years of study, performance, and teaching as a professional ballet dancer, Amy Sobesky was drawn to the inspiration and awareness of the mind-body connection through the healing arts.  The study of ballet, modern, and flamenco dancing lead her to the practice of meditation, massage, and yoga.  She began her training and knowledge of hands on healing with a very powerful session of the Grinberg Method in Berlin, Germany in 2004.  Since then she has studied massage therapy in California learning modalities of Swedish and prenatal massage, deep tissue/trigger point work, craniosacral therapy, relaxing hot stone massage, reflexology, acupressure, cupping, and aromatherapy.

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