Magdalena Bay

Jan 22, 2018 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Guests disembarked from the National Geographic Sea Bird today for gray whale tours with looks of excitement and returned to the ship with a glow of happiness.  On the second week of our expedition, we were thrilled with a day full of gray whale mother and calf pairs.  Gray whales make a 5,000 mile journey to Baja California’s coastal lagoons to give birth and breed during the winter months each year.  Once a mother has given birth, she and the calf will remain within the protected waters of the lagoon for three months, giving the calf the opportunity to grow and gain strength before the pair begin the same 5,000 mile journey back to the Alaskan waters gray whales call their “summer home.

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About the Author

Annie Fiske

Expedition Leader

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest and spending her first nights in a tent at the tender age of six weeks old, Annie grew up with a love for the outdoors and adventuring. Raised in Tacoma, Washington, she considers herself lucky to have grown up in an area that allowed her to fall in love with the mountains and sea as one. Attending college in Alaska fostered an even stronger love for the untamed beauty of wilderness that Annie holds close today. After spending years working as a research assistant on Kodiak Island, Alaska, and teaching outdoor education, conservation, and guiding in places like Catalina Island, Denali National Park, and Olympic National Park, Annie transitioned into small ship exploration in 2012 and has not looked back.

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