Cuverville Island and Orne Harbour

Jan 10, 2018 - National Geographic Explorer

This morning’s wake-up call came slightly early, thanks to a pod of small Type B orcas which we encountered in the Gerlache Strait. It wasn’t just orcas that were present though, and before long we also spotted porpoising penguins and a humpback whale! After enjoying our early-morning sighting of these remarkable creatures, we went on to land at Cuverville Island where we visited our first Gentoo penguin colony. In the afternoon we stretched our legs at Orne Harbour, during our first landing on the Antarctic Continent itself!

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Deirdre Mitchell


Deirdre grew exploring the mountains of her home country of Scotland and immersing herself in its history and culture. This love of the past led her to study for an MA in Scottish History at the University of St Andrews where she studied everything from the medieval history of Scotland to the art history of Europe! She then went on to gain an MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies before spending a year as a Trainee Curator at the Museum of the University of St. Andrews. 

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